I did not pass my DOL Written Test.  What’s next?


—–>   The state DOL has given us 3 different versions of the test.  You will take a different version each time.  Make sure to keep reading the whole Driver’s Guide so you are prepared for a mix of different questions!  


If you want information about your score and some study recommendations, please email us at Help@XcelerateDriving.com to request.  We will reply within 48 hours at most.  (Tuesday by 12pm if test was on a Saturday, Friday by 12pm if test was on a Wednesday, Saturday by 12pm if test was taken on a Thursday.)


1)  The FIRST (1st) attempt was included in your tuition.


2)  Your SECOND (2nd) attempt is the only attempt we charge for. ($25)  You will need to pay before you can schedule. 


3)  If this is your THIRD (3rd) or MORE attempt, there is no charge.  

Please follow this link to schedule your re-take:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKrP9cg8NhoRs4JuBCWTLcnyal8flcIjnsACBfG1_-9hBQ0Q/viewform