Teen Driver’s Education – Bothell

Courses Include:

34 hours of classroom instruction

Including drive simulation (ZED program)

5 hours behind the wheel driving
1 hour observation time

1 DOL Written Test

1 DOL Driving Test

(use of school car for test is included at no additional charge)

Why Xcelerate?

  • Learn to drive in a fun environment!  We want your student to look forward to class.
  • Our office staff and instructors care about your kids!  This is not just a business to us, we have a genuine passion for teens.  We feel privileged to train them in this important life skill.
  • Competitive pricing!  
  • Support a local business!  Small, family owned and operated.
  • First attempt at DOL Written Test and DOL Driving Test included in the course!

New Student Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, there is no limit to how many classes may be missed, but State of WA rules say that all missed classes must be made up within the 6 month course completion time frame or the course must be repeated.

A Driver’s Ed course at Xcelerate includes:

17 classes (34 hours instruction, Including ZED drive simulation practice)
5 one-hour behind the wheel drives in our school vehicle with an instructor outside of classroom time
1 one-hour Observation (this is when the student sits in the backseat of an instruction car and watches another student drive with an instructor)
1 attempt DOL Written Test (if student does not pass the first time, we charge $25 for the second attempt)
1 attempt DOL Driving Test (if student does not pass the first time, we charge $60 for each additional attempt)

Students must be 15 years old by the first day of class that they attend.

Permit info

This # is the number issued to you by the state of WA that follows you through your licensing process; it becomes your permit # and then your driver’s license #. It is 12 digits long.  This number will be in one of the following formats:

1)  Starting with the first 5 (five) letters of your last name, ex:  LASTNFN123AB

2)  Starting with the letters WDL, ex:  WDLABCD123YZ.

Some customers already have a WA State ID card (usually obtained for use as ID when traveling out of the country.) If so, the PIC # from that card is the number that we need. (It will also be one of the two formats above)

If you do not have an ID card with this number, you will need to “Pre-Apply” on the state of WA Dept of Licensing website. (There is a blue button on top of the homepage of our website that says “Click HERE to Pre-Apply for a WDL#”). Here is a link as well: https://secure.dol.wa.gov/home/serviceType.aspx#  This process takes about 10 minutes.  WRITE DOWN your students WDL# and keep it in a safe place, you will need it when it’s time to obtain the permit and you will need this number in order to register for a Driver’s Ed course.

  1.  You must be 15 years old and registered (and pay) for a course.
  2.  We must have entered your student’s permit waiver into their DOL record.  (you will get notification from us when that has been done)
  3.  The earliest you will be able to get your permit is 10 days before your course begins.  DO NOT GO TO THE DOL until you have received the notification from us that the permit waiver has been entered!!  If in doubt, contact us first!

Only a state of WA DOL office can issue permits and licenses. The driving schools supply the DOL with waivers and test scores.

10 days before your course begins, you have two choices:

  1.  You can print your permit online from the student’s DOL License eXpress account.
  2.   Parent and student can make an appt to go to the nearest DOL office together to obtain the permit.

Registration and Payment

Any student whose sibling went through our program previously and/or any 2 or more siblings signing up at the same time.

If you decide to cancel your enrollment prior to the first day of class we will provide a full refund. If you decide to cancel your enrollment within the 1st week of class and prior to the 3rd week of class, only 50% of tuition will be refunded. No refund if a permit waiver has been issued. Any monies not refunded can be put toward a different course in the future.