Some important reminders​ about this test​:

–  You can schedule this test only AFTER you’ve completed all of your Driver’s Ed Course requirements:  17 classes, 5 drives, 1 observation and passing your course final exam.  

–  This test is different from the Course Final Exam that is taken online during the last class.

–  This test is taken in person at our Bothell office.

–  This test is NOT part of your course completion requirements, so there is no deadline.  But it does need to be passed before you can eventually schedule your DOL Driving Test.

–  There are 40, multiple choice questions.

–  All questions come from the WA State Driver’s Guide. There are many students who find “practice tests” online.  These tests are not created/sanctioned by the state of WA or Xcelerate. The majority of people who are using these practice tests as their only method of studying are not passing this test.  The questions on this test are taken directly from the WA State Driver’s Guide.  The best way to study is to read the guide.  We recommend creating flash cards for information that contains numbers, distances, time lengths is helpful as well.

–  You need to score 80% to pass.  (minus 8 or less)

–  One attempt is included in your course.  If you must take it a second time, we charge $25. There is no charge for the 3rd or more attempt.

You will schedule this test in your DSS student portal.

All classes that began in 2022, 2023, 2024 have portal accounts (even if you may not have used it). If your class started before 2022, please contact our office for help.  Text, call or email.  (425-415-7775,  Please include your name and WDL# when you contact us.

How do I schedule in the portal?

1)   Click “Enroll” on the menu.
2)  Find the product “(1) Student 1st DOL Written Test (included)” on the Enroll page.  There is no charge for your first attempt, it’s included in the course.
3)  Click on the green $0 button.  You will be able to choose a date and schedule your test. The system will ask for a student and parent signature to agree to the testing terms.  Please read the terms before you sign!  There is very important information about how the test works.

What happens if my student does not pass the DOL Written Test the first time?
The test can be taken again at any time, there is no waiting period. If you must take it a second time, we charge $25. There is no charge for the 3rd or more attempt. You can schedule an additional attempt on your student portal, on the Enroll page.

Portal Link (if you are not already signed in):