Student Next Steps and Scheduling Portal Instructions

Step #1
My student has completed their Driver’s Ed course, what is next?  (completed course = 5 drives, 1 observation, all 17 classes)
Schedule the DOL Written Test with Xcelerate

​Some important reminders​ about this test​:

–  This test is different from the Course Final Exam that is taken online during the last class.  This ​test must be taken in person.  

–  This test is taken in person at our Bothell office.

–  This test is NOT part of your course completion requirements, so there is no deadline.  But it does need to be passed before you can eventually schedule your DOL Driving Test.

–  There are 40, multiple choice questions.

–  All questions come from the WA State Driver’s Guide (link can be found on the Students page on

–  You need to score 80% to pass.  (minus 8 or less)

–  One attempt is included in your course.  If you must take it a second time, we charge $25. There is no charge for the 3rd or more attempt.

—->>>>    Follow this link to schedule your DOL Written Test:

Step #2
My student has passed the DOL Written Test, what is next?
Schedule the DOL Driving Test with Xcelerate

The DOL Driving Test can be taken now or just before they are ready to apply for their license, or any time in between.  It is up to you and your student to decide together when they are ready for their test.  When making this decision, please keep the following timelines in mind:

 1)   The DOL Written Test score is valid for 2 years.  If the license is not obtained within 2 years of passing this test, it will need to be taken again.

 2)   The DOL Driving Test score is valid for 1 year.  If the license is not obtained within 1 year of passing this test, it will need to be taken again.

One attempt at this test is included in your course.  

What happens if my student does not pass the DOL Driving Test the first time?
The test can be taken again at any time, there is no waiting period. We charge $60 for each additional try

To schedule your DOL Driving Test: (Written must be passed first)

You will schedule this test in your DSS student portal.

How do I schedule in the portal?

1)   Click “Scheduling” on the left menu, then “Schedule My Road Test”.
2)  If you don’t find the link, please text/email us to let us know and we will add it to your account.
3)  Once you hear back from us that it’s ready to go, log into your account and try again.

Portal Link:

Step #3
My student has passed the DOL Driving Test, what is next?
Apply for their Driver’s License through the DOL

Make sure your student qualifies to apply for their license.  Below are the requirements that need to be met:

 To qualify for their Driver’s License:

1)  Complete a Driver’s Ed course **
2)  Pass the DOL Written Test **
3)  Pass the DOL Driving Test **
4)  Be 16 years old
5)  Have had permit for at least 6 months
6)  Complete 50 hours (10 at night) of driving practice ++ 

** Xcelerate will enter this info into the student’s DOL record.
++ Parent will verify verbally during the driver’s license application process, either online (see below) or at the DOL office.  

When these requirements are met, it’s time to apply for their Driver’s License through the DOL: 

If your student has his/her picture on their permit, you can apply for the license by logging into their DOL License eXpress account.**  There is a chance that it will not work online for you, If that is the case for your student, you will need to visit a DOL office instead.  If you have questions as to why the online process is not working, you will need to contact the DOL directly for assistance. Some students have run into a message on the DOL site during the process that they need to go into a DOL office to get a vision check.  This requirement can be waived in some instances. You will need to CALL the DOL and ask for this to be done.  Also, if you want to apply at 12:01am on your student’s birthday or the 6 month date that they qualify, be warned!  The DOL system does not “wake up” until around 6am, so it won’t work until then 🙂

If your student does NOT have their picture on their permit, you will need to visit a DOL office in person.**  You will need to make an appt.  At this time they are 2 – 4 weeks out, so keep that in mind.  You will need to bring proof of identity for both the student and parent.  If you have any questions about proof of identity, you can find that info on the DOL site (  or contact the DOL directly for assistance.

 ** Either way, the state charges $89 for the Driver’s License.