For classes that began March 2023 and earlier and Previous Kirkland students (including April and May)

Course Completion Timeline – 6 months from first day of class (or course must be repeated)
Completion Requirements:  17 classes, 5 drives, 1 observation

CLASS ATTENDANCE: Keep track in your Schedule Agent account. Schedule your make-ups using the Class Make-up Calendar.  The new portal does NOT have accurate class attendance info. 

COURSE DRIVES:  You will use the new DSS student portal to schedule your drives.

To schedule a course drive:
1)  Go to “Scheduling”
2)  Click on “Schedule My Drives”
3)  The Calendar will come up.  Choose the date/time that works for you. Note the “Seating” column and choose “Driver”.
4)  A confirmation email will go out almost immediately.  Please check for this it will have important information that you’ll need before your drive.  If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check junk/spam.

To schedule the observation.
One observation is required.  An observation is when your student will sit in the back seat and observe another student drive with an instructor.
We do not wait for observers.  So please be a few minutes early or right on time. The drive will leave without you if you are late.
1)  Go to “Scheduling”
2)  Click on “Schedule My Drives”
3)  The Calendar will come up. When scheduling your time slot, please note the “Seating” column to choose “Observer”.  If you can’t find an open slot for an observation, please contact the office and we will help.

Click HERE for the portal. 

DOL TESTING: Follow this link for DOL Testing info/instructions: