All classroom sessions are being held online at this time. We don’t know how long this will last at this point, but will keep everyone updated.  Classes are “live”.  The days/times you sign up for are when your class will meet online.

Your student will need a Zoom account to participate.  If your student does NOT have a Zoom account. One can be created at for free. (Look for the orange button.)

We have set up our Zoom account to be very safe.  We send out invites and students have to register for each class.  We do not use the camera for the students, just a “chat” feature.  We also have it set up to where the students cannot chat among themselves, only with the instructor.

Permits cannot be obtained until the DOL offices are open.  Your student can still begin the Driver’s Ed course without their permit, they just won’t be able to start the driving portion of the course until they get it.

You will still need to “pre-apply” for the permit on the DOL website in order to register with us.  (this process takes about 5-10 minutes, no documents or payment necessary)  We will need your WDL# from your pre-application. You will get an email about 2 weeks before your class is set to begin with next step info.

The driving portion of the class will start back up once the “stay at home” and “social distancing” rules change.  We will keep you posted.

If you sign up for a class that works for you currently but your schedule changes while classes are still going on (ie: school starts back up, sports resume, etc.) we will be very flexible and help you reschedule what you need to complete.