General questions

No.   You do not need to be named on their insurance policy until you are an official “Licensed” driver.

Unfortunately, the state of WA says “no”.

No.  Your 50 hours need to be complete before you apply for your Driver’s License.  (see “Steps to Getting A Driver’s License” last column.)

The following must be completed within 6 months of the start date of the course and before the Course Completion information will be entered in your student’s Dept of Licensing record.  If these requirements are not met by the 6 month date, state of WA rules say that the course must be taken over again.  

–Five, 1 hour BTW drive lessons with an instructor and One, 1 hour BTW observation.

–Classes #1-15. (34 hours instruction including drive simulation program, ZED)

–Passing grade of 80% on Driver’s Ed final test. (taken during class #15)  If not passed the student must re-take the test at the discretion of the instructor.

–All course fees must be paid, including:  Full tuition, any $35 drive cancel fees and any course late fees.


Drives and Classes

State of WA rules say that all missed classes must be made up within the 6 month course completion time frame or the course will need to be repeated.  The process for making up classes is easy.  You will need to check out the Class Make-up Calendar on the STUDENTS page of our website ( and schedule your make-up class.

#1 – Introduction, tailored to student experience.
#2 – Roundabouts, driving around town.
#3 – Parking, backing around corners.
#4 – Freeway, merging.
#5 – Review, practice test.

An observation is when you sit in the backseat and observe another student driver.  One of these is included in your course, but you can schedule as many as you want for no extra charge.

You can cancel your drive via the Schedule Agent website.

Xcelerate’s policy requires 24 hours’ notice for the cancellation of a scheduled drive and charges a rescheduling fee of $50 for the following:

-If a student does not bring their permit to their scheduled drive.

-If a student is more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled drive.

-Cancellation of a drive without 24 hours’ notice.

-Not showing up for your scheduled drive.

Go to the STUDENTS page on our website ( and click the green button on the bottom of the page to pay online.  Once your payment is made, it will take up to 24 hours to post to your account.  You will receive an email from Schedule Agent when you can reschedule.

Steps to getting a Driver’s License

Pass the DOL Written Test.  One attempt is included with your course, second attempt is $10.  Third or more attempt there is no fee.   This test must be taken in person at our Bothell office location.  You can sign up on your Schedule Agent account.  Go to the Calendar page and choose “DOL Written Test” from the drop-down menu on top left.

Your student now qualifies to take the DOL Driving Test anytime!  It can be done now or just before he/she is ready to apply for their license, or any time in between.

For students whose course began BEFORE March 2020:
The test can be taken with us, we charge $40 for Xcelerate students.  Use of one of our cars is an option for no extra charge.

For students whose course began March 2020 or AFTER:
One attempt is included in the course fee.  We charge $30 for each additional attempt.

When you are ready to schedule the test, it can be scheduled on Schedule Agent just like you scheduled your course drives.  Please give yourself about 2 weeks’ notice to schedule the test.

Make sure they qualify to apply for their license.  Below are the requirements that need to be met:

To qualify for their Driver’s License:

1)  Complete a Driver’s Ed course **
2)  Pass the state Written Knowledge Test (given during class #15) **
3)  Pass the state Driving Test **
4)  Be 16 years old
5)  Have had permit for at least 6 months
6)  Complete 50 hours (10 at night) of driving practice ++

** Xcelerate will enter this info into the student’s DOL record.
++ Parent will verify verbally during the driver’s license application, either online (see below) or at the DOL office.

If your student has his/her picture on their permit, you can apply for the license by logging into their DOL License eXpress account.**  There is a chance that it will not work online for you, If that is the case for your student, you will need to visit a DOL office insteadIf you have questions as to why the online process is not working, you will need to contact the DOL directly for assistance. Some students have run into a message on the DOL site during the process that they need to go into a DOL office to get a vision check.  This requirement can be waived in some instances. You will need to CALL the DOL and ask for this to be done.  Also, if you want to apply at 12:01am on your student’s birthday or the 6 month date that they qualify, be warned!  The DOL system does not “wake up” until around 6am, so it won’t work until then 🙂
If your student does NOT have their picture on their permit, you will need to visit a DOL office in person.**  You will need to make an appt.  At this time they are a month or so out, so keep that in mind.  You will need to bring all the documents that you chose when you first pre-applied for the permit.  If you don’t have your printed pre-application, you can print another copy from your student’s License eXpress account.  If you have any questions about proof of identity, you can find that info on the DOL site or contact the DOL directly for assistance.  
** Either way, the state charges $89 for the Driver’s License.